Bullion VAT Information

Bullion VAT Information:

There is 0% VAT on government minted 'legal tender' silver bullion coins in Estonia. This offers investors a substanital saving compared with other EU countries where the tax on silver coins can be as high as 27%.

Bullion orders are subject to VAT per the below rates:

Gold Bullion 0% VAT
Silver Bullion Coins*
0% VAT
Silver Bullion Bars / Rounds
20% VAT
Platinum Bullion
20% VAT
Palladium Bullion
20% VAT

*Government minted silver bullion coins that are designated as 'legal tender' are free from EU VAT in Estonia.

Purchases by private individuals in EU Member states are subject to Estonian VAT.

VAT Free Silver Bullion Coins:

It is possible to pruchase the following silver bullion coins without vat:

American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins
Austrian Philharmonic Silver Bullion Coins
Australian Kookarburra Silver Bullion Coins
British Britannia Silver Bullion Coins
Canadian Maple Silver Bullion Coins
Chinese Panda Silver Bullion Coins
Cook Islands Silver Bullion Coin Combi Bars

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