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Gold: 2388.53 USD
Silver: 31.29 USD
Platinum: 1046.07 USD
Palladium: 1001.54 USD
Rhodium: 5400.01 USD

Bullion Storage

Offshore VAT Free Bullion Storage

We offer offshore bullion storage through our trusted storage partners. We can arrange for your items to be stored discretely outside of the banking system in a secure vault in either Switzerland, The USA or Hong Kong.

How much does offshore bullion storage cost?

Storage is offered free of charge to all clients for the first 90 days.

Our pricing structure for fully insured bullion storage is very competitive.

Gold / Silver / Platinum / Palladium: 0.1666% per month.

(2% of the value stored per year - £17.50 per month minimum charge).

Fully Segregated Vault Allocation Fees: £2.50 per order per month.

Bullion is held securely by an independent depository which is not part of the banking system.

We offer safe, secure and insured segregated vault storage in the following locations: Offshore vault storage is of particular interest to customers who purchase gold, silver, palladium or platinum and who do not wish to store valuables at their home or business.

Clients have the option to open their own independent storage account through us. Bullion is held in the name of the client and does not form a part of our balance sheet.

If you wish to sell your bullion back to us at a later date, we guarantee to offer at least 98% of the current underlying spot price.


Fees For Additional Vault Services:
Delivery From Vault: €150 + Transportation Charges
Collection From Vault: €150

All metals in vault storage are fully insured through a major insurance market in London.

At point of checkout, orders can be placed directly into storage. Please 
contact us if you have any questions.

* Services are subject to UK VAT @ 20%

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