Live Metal Prices / oz
Gold: 2313.59 USD
Silver: 29.11 USD
Platinum: 946.76 USD
Palladium: 891.11 USD
Rhodium: 5150.00 USD

Additional Services and Fees

Zurich Vault Administration Fees

Bullion Administration Fees:

Wire Transfers:

Standard Transfers (Processed within 3-5 days) = 20 Swiss Francs / €20 / $25 / £15
Express Transfers (Processed within 1 day) = 30 Swiss Francs / €30 / $35 / £20

Bullion Logistics Service Fees:

Repackaging and dispatch of an order returned undelivered (after three delivery attempts have been made):

Return delivery costs to our premises plus:

Orders up to 10,000 Swiss Francs = 25 Swiss Francs + Standard shipping rates
Orders above 10,000 Swiss Francs = Standard shipping rates

Bullion Legal Fees:

Deceased account administration:

500 Swiss Francs plus 1% of the value of the account (four billable hours included).

General legal administration:

We reserve the right to charge for exceptional work which falls outside of the normal scope of our normal business. Examples : Administering accounts through Divorces, Litigation, Dissolving a Trust, Corporate Account Liquidation.

250 Swiss Francs per hour (or part thereof).

Bullion Vault Services Fees:

Certificate of bullion in storage (by Registered Mail / Courier):

Orders up to 10,000 Swiss Francs = 50 Swiss Francs (Registered Mail) / 65 Swiss Francs (Courier)
Orders above 10,000 Swiss Francs = 30 Swiss Francs (Registered Mail) / 45 Swiss Francs (Courier)
Collections in person (includes staff time to arrange delivery from vault and handing over of bullion):

All orders = 500.00 Swiss Francs

Internal Suisse Gold Account Transfers

All orders = 150 Swiss Francs

Internal Transfers to third party accounts at ViaMat

All orders = 150.00 Swiss Francs

If you have any specific requirements for a service not listed above, please contact us.

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