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Now Available: Perth Mint Silver Bars

Based in Perth, Australia, the Perth Mint is one of the precious metal industry's most renowned refinery and mint. The Perth Mint is part of an exclusive group of accredited refiners globally. If you are looking to buy silver coins, invest in gold or platinum, the Perth Mint is a great place to start.

In addition to their always popular range of bullion coins, the Perth Mint also produces a wide range of gold and silver bars. now carries the full range of Perth Mint silver bars. These silver bars are renowned for their quality and affordability, and they are a fantastic option for investors looking to buy silver bars.  

What You Need to Know About The Perth Mint Silver Bars

The Perth Mint is Australia’s oldest and largest mint. They produce a wide range of precious metals products in addition to manufacturing Australia's coinage on behalf of the government. The mint first opened in 1899 as part of the Royal Mint, and its initial function was to convert the gold that was being mined in Australia into gold sovereign coins. These coins were then used as currency at ports throughout the British Empire. When Australia gained independence, the Perth Mint became part of the government of Australia, however it never ceased operations. Their bullion coins and bars are globally accredited and highly sought after by investors.

Perth Mint silver bars are particularly unique. Smaller bars are minted with an image of a Kangaroo, while larger bars are casted instead. All Perth Mint silver bars contain 9999 fine investment grade silver bulion. Perth Mint cast bars, in particularly, have gained widespread popularity amongst bullion investors. The brand itself is one of the top, global precious metal mints. 

As of January 2022, the Perth Mint silver bullion sales reached 2,387,165 ounces, which is a return of 37.7% from December 2021.

The Types of Perth Mint Silver Bars

The Perth Mint is accredited on the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) Good Delivery List for silver. Each Perth Mint silver bar is stamped with the official logo, weight, and purity of the product. In addition, each of the bars is individually sealed in tamper-resistant packaging with serial numbers and the official signature of the mint’s top chief.

One of the most popular sized bars is the 10 Oz Perth Mint Silver Bar. The front side of the Perth Mint 10 Oz silver cast bar is printed with the Mint’s circular Swan theme, bordered by the words ‘Perth Mint Australia’. Also printed are the bar’s net weight and purity. As with all their products, the Perth Mint Silver bars are pure silver and packaged with the highest quality materials.

Also available for investors are the 100 Oz Perth Mint cast bar, the 1 Kilo Perth Mint Cast, and the 1 Oz Australian Silver Kangaroo Perth Mint bar.

Each of these bars, especially the 1 Oz Silver Kangaroo bar features a 3D imprint of the Australian Red Kangaroo. The relatively new 1 Oz silver minted bar is unique for its table of radiating circles on the obverse side which helps to prevent counterfeiting of Perth Mint products.


If you, as an investor, are looking to buy silver bars, then you should consider perth mint silver bars.  The Perth Mint also has a wide range of gold coins and platinum coins for investors looking to buy other types of bullion. The Perth Mint has an excellent range of bullion products to choose from, all of which are available at