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Now Available - The British Britannia Bar

The British Britannia Gold and Silver Bar series stands as a shining example of the United Kingdom’s rich heritage and dedication to excellence in precious metals. This collection, introduced by The Royal Mint, pays homage to the iconic figure of Lady Britannia while offering investors and collectors an opportunity to invest in the series in a different format. 

The History of Lady Britannia

Lady Britannia is more than just a figure on a coin; she is a symbol of British history and resilience. Originating from Roman times, Britannia has featured on British coins since 1672 during the reign of Charles II. With her Corinthian helmet, trident, and shield, she represents the maritime heritage and warrior spirit of Britain. Over centuries, her image has evolved but consistently remained a powerful icon of national pride.

The History of The Royal Mint

The Royal Mint boasts a rich history dating back over 1,100 years, making it one of the oldest institutions in the world. Established in the 9th century, it initially operated within the confines of the Tower of London before relocating to its current headquarters in Llantrisant, Wales. Throughout the centuries, The Royal Mint has played a crucial role in producing coinage for the United Kingdom and other nations, earning a reputation for precision, innovation, and quality. From crafting coins for everyday use to creating intricate commemorative pieces and bullion products, The Royal Mint's legacy is intertwined with the economic and cultural development of Britain. Today, it continues to blend traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, maintaining its position as a global leader in minting excellence.

The Launch of the Britannia Bar Series

In response to growing demand for high-quality bullion products, The Royal Mint launched the Britannia Gold and Silver Bar series. The decision to create bars in addition to coins was strategic, catering to investors looking for larger quantities of precious metals with lower premiums compared to coins. Bars offer a practical investment vehicle at lower premiums to their coin counterparts. They are also available in a more diverse range of sizes. 

Sizes Available in the Britannia Gold and Silver Bar Series

The Britannia bar series comes in various sizes to meet the needs of different investors. The gold bars are available in sizes ranging from 1 gram to 100 gram. Silver Britannia bars are similarly versatile, available in sizes from 100 grams to 100 ounces. There is also a platinum Britannia bar available in a 1 ounce and 100 gram size.

The Britannia Series at carries the complete range of products available from the Royal Mint. This includes the Britannia coin series in gold, silver and platinum, and the Britannia bar series in gold, silver and platinum. Other products available include the Sovereign gold coin, the Valiant silver coin, and other special edition coins. 

The Britannia series is one of the most popular precious metals series available worldwide, and the series is coveted for its rich history and flawless design. Build your precious metals portfolio with the Britannia Bar series at today.

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